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Shawn Passero grew up in Western New York. He was raised in Grand Island, New York. He started in the theatre program at Grand Island High School. By portraying roles such as a member of the Sailor Quartet from Anything Goes, he established that his love for the art of theatre leveled to equal his fondness for singing which drove him to pursue it as a career. 


Shawn attended Houghton College for three years for vocal performance and is currently a senior at the University at Albany, entering the audition process for graduate programs to further his craft. He has participated in programs such as the Glimmerglass Festival and the Commonwealth Shakespeare Apprenticeship Program.


Throughout his experience with theatre at a collegiate level, Shawn came to the understanding that theatre is a collaborative art form that not only blends elements such as singing and acting, but establishes a company of actors, designers, and technicians that chase to complete the same mission. Watching a company of individuals craft a piece of art and witnessing the unity of concepts is his favorite part of this industry. 


If you would like to contact Shawn Passero, you can either follow his social media provided below or submit a message through the Contact tab.


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Shawn Passero

Pronouns (He/Him/His)

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